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Information Security and Cybersecurity

We provide services to prevent, detect and eliminate the internal and external threats to which systems are exposed. We continually monitor networks, systems and endpoint. We provide services to prevent fraud. We manage incidents and detect and mitigate cyber-attacks. We ensure forensic analysis, triage and attribution of attacks as well as Business Continuity Plans.

We supply cybersecurity solutions for CEO’s, senior management and VIP’s.

We provide services to sort and handle classified information and we ensure security for outsourced services and contractors.

We provide skills to extract high strategic value knowledge based on the Big Data security.

  • Continuous security monitoring and compliance of the corporate systems.
  • Internet cyber-surveillance and threat analysis.
  • Reputation in Cybersecurity.
  • Security rating of critical vendors.
  • Security Intelligence (OSINT/open source research).

We provide services in order to adapt your company to the national / international regulation on Information Technologies’ Security. We offer preparation prior to certification processes or audit of:

  • Data protection (GDPR).
  • Critical Infrastructures of Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Electronic Identification and signature (elDAS).
  • International Industry Standards ISO 27001, ISO 22301, PCI-DSS, etc.

We offer skills to raise the level of qualification and awareness of your company’s staff for:

  • Early warning of threats.
  • Proper handling of sensitive information in new devices and environments.
  • Crisis management.