Risk Advisory

Intelsynet offers this service in order to prevent, mitigate and neutralize damages caused by a deliberate attack, either cyber or a physical.

Aimed at defining the set of measures to be taken by the organization to ensure an immediate and adequate reaction in case of threats or security incidents, in order to protect people, facilities, property and classified information of the company.

Aimed at protecting the company’s assets against employees, present and past, dissatisfied. Always with the aim of restoring the confidence of stakeholders in the company.

  • Insiders prevention plan.
  • Identification and knowledge of the level of risk threat.
    • Risks by department
    • Risks per employee
    • Risk organization chart

Implementation of risk elimination measures

We advise you during the process of creation and implementation:

  • Regulatory strategy.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Responding to regulatory requirements.
  • Appropriate technical and organizational measures so that compliance with the GDPR can be accredited and guaranteed

Regular scans and a status report that reflects threats to any relevant information within a given time frame.

We offer an additional layer of personal protection in this ever-changing world.

The risks associated to the new technologies are constantly evolving and therefore it is necessary to constantly create and adapt the means and methods used to maintain the security of the information that companies want to protect.

INTELSYNET accompanies you throughout the process, advising you individually, minimizing the impact of this risk through the implementation of appropriate measures

Designed for the protection of the firm’s assets through:

  • Security plans of the facilities (preparation of safety studies; map and risk analysis; preparation of action plans; design and execution of preventive and reactive systems in case of any contingency; development of organizational measures through regulations, plans and procedures.
  • Fraud prevention plan intended to avoid company losses.
  • Special plans (freight transport, suppliers, etc.).
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Intelsynet offers this service with the aim of preventing, mitigating and neutralizing the damage caused by a deliberate attack, both from a physical and cybernetic origin:

  • Facility security audit.
  • Elaboration of PSO and PPE.
  • Advice and accompaniment

You are not you without your data extension, therefore, you must take into account what the network says about you:

  • More information about companies and people.
  • Get to know the competition.
  • Reputational management.
  • CV verification.
  • Identity verification