Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Facilities2017-03-30T17:44:01+00:00

Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Facilities

Intelsynet offers this service in order to prevent, mitigate and neutralize damages caused by a deliberate attack, either cyber or a physical.

Assessment of the degree of effectiveness of:

  • Protocols, procedures and compliance.
  • Security systems and platforms.
  • Action plans, response plans, business recovery and resilience plans.
  • Analysis of the organization and the structure of the critical infrastructures and facilities department.
  • Preparation of security plans:
    • Company’s Strategic Plan.
    • Infrastructures’ Tactical Plan.
  • Definition of the General Security Policy and Governance Framework.
  • Definition of essential services and interdependencies.
  • Identification and evaluation of threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Action plans.
  • Organizational, operational and technical measures.

Coaching to put in place the proceedings that will establish:

  • Guidelines
  • Structure
  • Compliance
  • Recovery and resilience measures.

All this, in order to ensure the functionality, continuity and integrity of the organization and its infrastructures.