Corporate Strategic Intelligence

Highly developed in France, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, China or Russia, in Spain it is in its early stages and we have the leading experts in this activity.

Today, business leaders can’t afford to make decisions blindly or to not perfectly understand the environment in which they operate.

If your business is regulated or may be affected by political or legislative changes, you should:

  • Have the best information and analysis of those proceedings.
  • Have access to decision-making levels.
  • Establish relationship skills with all forces intervening in the process.

At corporate strategic level it is essential to have perfect knowledge and analysis of:

  • Procurement / due diligence processes.
  • Investments in important projects.
  • Monitoring of Corporate Assets and local management.
  • Analysis of the country’s environment and of its regulatory risks.

And in relation to human resources::

  • Compliance and reputation audit of partners and / or executives.
  • Compliance and reputation audit of key suppliers and customers.

These reputation audits, analyses of environments or strategic support actions are carried out with the utmost discretion.

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