We provide services to prevent, detect and eliminate the internal and external threats to which systems are exposed. We continually monitor networks, systems and endpoint. We provide services to prevent fraud. We manage incidents and detect and mitigate cyber-attacks. We ensure forensic analysis, triage and attribution of attacks as well as Business Continuity Plans.

A cybersecurity solution for CEOs, senior management and VIPs that arises from the need for companies to generate an extra layer of security for the company’s highly exposed people.

We provide services to sort and handle classified information and we ensure security for outsourced services and contractors.

You are not you without your data extension, therefore, you must take into account what the network says about you and use this as an advantage

Know the new people in your company.

Consultancy and identification of the technical and organisational measures that guarantee and demonstrate a treatment in accordance with the RGPD and a level of security appropriate to the risk.

Aimed at exempting the organization from criminal liability by preventing the commission of criminal acts by the company (Criminal Code Reform of July 1, 2015) implementing an:

Crime prevention plan, identifying risks and processes, and reviewing existing controls and the level of compliance.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures is the original abbreviation of the U.S. federal government that refers to the process of scanning electronic frequencies or electronic counter-surveillance. It is related to ELINT, SIGINT and electronic countermeasures (ECM).

We provide advanced warning and/or signal inhibition solutions against malicious use of unmanned aircraft.

  • Operator signal detection
  • Model identification
  • Alert to the operations center
  • Route tracking.

We offer skills to raise the level of qualification and awareness of your company’s staff for:

  • Early warning of threats.
  • Proper handling of sensitive information in new devices and environments.
  • Crisis management.